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RVKAH (Rebecca) has been recording songs since she was 12 years old.  Her debut CD "Picture Me" contains 6 award winning songs, honored by VH1, Paramount Music, Unisong and the Peacedriven Song Award. Her music videos aired on MTV-Europe and singles from her album "REBECCA": "Another Story" and "Never Ever" debuted on radio stations in the U.K.

Buy her albums using the links below or go to the RVKAH official website to see her music videos and listen to her songs.

Rebecca: Picture Me
Rebecca: Rebecca
CD Baby - Children songs with Lynne

There are currently 40 children's songs produced, in a series of 4 albums.  You can listen to previews of some of the currently produced songs on the music page. Volume I is available at the links below and Volume II and Volume III will soon be available: 

Enjoy the music!

Lynne Carol: Children Songs With Lynne
CD Baby - Instrumentals

Shir Nash is a talented writer, composer, Master Guitarist and teacher, who has produced thousands of songs for everything from documentaries, children's television and plays to major motion pictures and current television programming in Israel, London and the United States. His music for Rebecca's "Picture Me" won first place in the VH1 "Song of the Year" contest in February, 2005 and 5 other songs from the album: Rebecca, "Picture Me" received awards and recognition. His instrumental "Mystery", from his original collection "East and West" won first place, again, in the VH1 "Song of the Year" contest in January 2009. Shir Nash is the composer of the music produced at Eclipse.  He has written and produced four instrumental albums as well as the music for the Singer/Performer and VH1 Winner, Rebecca (RVKAH) as well as the "Children songs with Lynne" series.  

Shir Nash: Shir Nash in London
Shir Nash: Shir Nash in London II
Shir Nash: Jazz and Rock
Shir Nash: East and West